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Stockport Stockade 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Curis   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 12:05
The dust has settled, the annual Stockport Stockade has been and gone for another year. I'd say it's Manchester's premier Epic Armageddon tournament, but since Britcon includes Epic too I have to have the smaller boast of Stockport's premier Epic Armageddon tournament.
Stockport STockade prizes
Eager gamers flocked from as far south as Surrey to compete for the glittering prizes, and the chance to test out the new Stockade scenario - Objectivity. Here's the now-obligatory shot of Jeridian, fighting it out with his Shadow Scorpion Space Marines. Epic UK have rejigged the Space Marine Codex this year so Si took to fielding his Scorpions as a ground-pounding Dark Angel force - or Iron Wing I'd say if anyone's old enough to remember that company.
Si Jenkins
The angle makes the man look like album artwork. Hang on...
Psi Jenkinz
Not sure why I just did that. Anyway, Si took the newly-rejigged Dark Angels list, and was drawn against Tim Hunt's Dark Angels. I enjoyed this match-up as both players were attracted to the list as it's new version allows them to field twice as many Hunters (Space Marine AA tanks) in a formation. However, Dark Angels don't have any allied Navy so it's largely wasted. Who won what? 3rd place, and Most Visually Awesome - Judge's Choice went to Steve Gullick and his Vanaheim air Cavlary.
Steve Gullick
Vanaheim Aircav
Steve's Vanaheim makes heavy use of alternative manufacturers mixed in with exceedingly rare Games Workshop Epic Catachans. I (the judge) enjoyed its smorgasbord feel and variety. 2nd place went to Tim "James Dean Bradfield" Hunt. We are pleased to announce his bandmate Matt "Richey Edwards" Otter has been found alive and well recently following his disappeareance in 2009.
James Dean Bradfield
Tim Hunt Dark Angels
1st place went to Maaatt Arnoooldd. The expression we're pulling, and the hat is a homage to Epic UK chairman Matt Otter. Maaatt Arnoooldd is constantly living in constant fear that photos of him involved in such high levels of nerdery will leak on Facebook and cause every girl he's ever known to shun him, and so I've even obfuscated his name in case Google image search for for him turns up these blackmail gems.
Maaatt Arnoooldd
Maaatt Arnoooldd
Last place, and Most Visually Awesome: Player's Choice went to James Ramsay and his Death Guard.
Psi Jenkinz
Nurgle Plague Reaper
Steve's gallery of the armies can be found here. Special thanks to Tom Webb (no relation) of Exodus Wars, who sponsored the event and provided a big pile of Exodus Wars blister packs for prizes. These will undoubtedly surface at next year's Stockade in the various armies. Steel Crown Productions They do a great line of 6mm sci-fi pieces, including the Khazari - a range of squat bearded chaps.
Steel Crown Productions
Special thanks to Steve as well who gave an Epic scale Magnus the Red and Ahriman to every attendee. And also donated a pile of metal Chaos Rhinos to the prize pool. And thanks to all who came and partied hard over the weekend. See you all for Stockport Stockade 2012AD: A Certain Shade of MAHREEN.

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