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What? What? What is this? Who is this? We're not sure. It's probably Si, we seem to have a certain taste for pictures of Si.

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Written by Curis   
Monday, 25 June 2012 13:25

Traitor Guardsmen had built a network of trenches through the city of Mineska. Chaos had wormed its way through the metropolis to the extent that debased siegeworks could be seen from the windows of the Imperial Governor's palace. Despite this, Governor Ainucnam continued his duties, confident that his Ulani tank regiments would check the Chaos advance, at least until the Astartes arrived.


Mocheskan Mega Battle
Flame On, with special Epic UK friends Tim and Tom, pooled their scenery collection for a mega-battle. We'd call it the Stomp Informal, but that does Si a disservice. The man had crafted a scenario for this epic Epic showdown which pitted Imperial versus Chaos on a 24'x6' city board. 8 players clashed for supremacy.


Mocheskan Mega Battle
You can read a draft copy of his scenario here. It was tweaked on the day.



Mocheskan Mega Battle


Imperial Commanders Curis and SPAYSE MAHREEN had a heated discussion on tactics. It was settled by arm wrestling.

Mocheskan Mega Battle
To aid the Imperial Commander, Black Templars, White Scars and Dark Angels swept down from the skies Drop Pods and Thunderhawks. The combination of Stomp's aggressive Crusaders with Si's resilient Leman Russes broke the Chaos on the Imperial right flank.
Mocheskan Mega Battle
Grand Urlock, Despoiler of Worlds, and all round Evil Overlord, Tim could do little to stop the Flame On synergysing. The right flank was a 5-2 victory to the Imperials.
Mocheskan Mega Battle
Meanwhile, Chaos Commander Christian had brought a Dark Imperator Titan to the game. Here's Curis and Christian doing their very best Imperator impressions. The Imperials chose to ignore this mighty firebase in favour of the objectives, with the left flank ending at a 3-3 tie. Overall, a victory for the Imperium of Man. And now, to end on the obligatory shot of Simon at a trendy bar.
Mocheskan Mega Battle
Total Wargamer 6th Edition


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